ALTCS Approved Care Options

ALTCS Care Options

Before beginning the ALTCS application process, there are a few different care options worth considering. If care is needed immediately, as it often is, we can help you find a provider who is willing to accept residents during the “ALTCS pending” phase. Keep reading to find out the differences between each type of care.

Assisted Living

ALTCS will pay for care at certain assisted living facilities throughout Arizona. The community in question must have a contract with ALTCS in order for ALTCS benefits to be accepted. Assisted living is generally for seniors who only need help with their activities of daily living. Staff members provide personalized, daily care to residents. This includes, but is not limited to, managing medications, bathroom assistance, making sure residents bathe, and supervising three meals a day.

One main perk of assisted living is that it offers residents the opportunity to engage in activities, socialize with other residents, and foster a sense of community. Even for people with waning health, community and social interactions are extremely important in maintaining mental health. Assisted living offers both physical safety and an overall improvement to quality of life.

Residential Care Homes

Also called group homes, residential care homes can be a great option for many seniors receiving ALTCS benefits. This type of facility is usually a renovated home that is situated in a regular neighborhood. Residential care homes can usually accommodate 5-10 residents. The small number of residents allows for 24/hour supervision, with caregivers frequently living in the home. This means caregivers are available no matter what time of night a resident needs them.

In-Home Care

Lately, the trend of aging in place has gained in popularity. Many seniors and younger people with disabilities understandably prefer to receive care from the comfort of their own homes. There are a variety of ways to receive in-home care, but unfortunately, ALTCS does not always cover in-home care. Call us today and we can discuss in-home care options if you plan on receiving ALTCS benefits.

Skilled Nursing

Many people mistakenly believe they need skilled nursing, but this level of care is usually reserved for people with persistent acute medical conditions. Some seniors need skilled nursing for wound care after a hospital stay or for rehabilitation from an injury. Most often, skilled nursing stays don’t last more than a few weeks at a time. It is the only option that provides 24/hour care from a licensed medical professional, similar to a hospital environment.

No matter what type of care you need, we will work with you to find an option that accepts the ALTCS program. We background check assisted living facilities, group homes, home health providers, and skilled nursing facilities so you can rest easy knowing you or your loved one is in a quality place. We want you to be confident in whatever choice you have made.
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