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According to a law firm in Mesa, AZ, over 74% of applicants for ALTCS never receive the benefit. They voluntarily withdraw, they are denied, or they just give up. The application process can be a very arduous, confusing, and time-consuming task. It can be a lot to take on when you are already dealing with having, or placing, a loved one into an assisted living facility. With proper planning and re-positioning our clients assets, over 95% of our clients get approved for ALTCS. We know the rules, requirements and the pitfalls. Consider letting us help you navigate the process.

How we assist during the Medicaid application process:

  • Perform a financial inventory and review of assets
  • Discuss the health needs and desires of the potential ALTCS applicant with the client and family
  • We help you find a Medicaid planning attorney for legal issues (wills, trusts, Powers of Attorney)
  • We strive to preserve and protect the potential applicant’s assets for the spouse and/or heirs
  • Prepare all necessary forms and required verifications for the ALTCS application process
  • We act as the “Authorized Representative” on behalf of the applicant throughout the ALTCS application process

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